ProCare's Team - Flemington

Welcome to the Team!

Run of the Mill 5k

 The Mission: Organize individuals that share a commitment to personal wellness while supporting our local community in a fun and supportive format.


The Plan: Our plan is to have ProCare's Team join us at 2 or 3 community events every year, to help set personal goals and stay healthy.


Why ProCare's Team:

1. Get a personalized training program if needed (walk or run).  Individuals of ALL fitness levels are welcome!

2. Get a Free "ProCare's Team" uniform shirt to wear at our designated events.

3. Join us at the pre and post race celebration.

4. Sign ProCare's Team Banner.




Contact our office if you need a training schedule.

DO NOT WAIT, our next event will be the "Girls on the Run 5K" in Flemington, NJ on Thursday May 31st, 2012.

Click on the link below to sign up and get more race info.  We will be in touch with you as the race nears.

Girls on the Run - Hunterdon Chapter


PROCARE'S TEAM requires NO additional cost to you (aside from the race's standard fee), NO donations and NO sponsorships.  All we ask is you support the cause by registering yourself for our designed events, and join us!




June 2011 - Run of the Mill 5k

May 2012 - Girls on the Run 5k

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