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Every child deserves to play.  Every parent wants their child to reach their highest level of ability and independence within their environment.

ProCare Pediatrics offers a 'common sense' approach to further develop motor skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling and walking.  Physical therapy can provide care for diagnoses including, but not limited to: Cerebral Palsy, developmental delay, Torticollis, hypotonia, hypertonia, toe walking and Trisomy 21.  At ProCare, our therapist will evaluate each child's specific needs and provide intervention and consultation in the following areas:

  • Gross motor development
  • Muscle tone and strength
  • Postural control
  • Pre-walking/walking training
  • Neuromuscular function
  • Balance training
  • Stretching/range of motion
  • Play therapy techniques

If you have any questions regarding our pediatric physical therapy, please contact our Flemington office or email

*Treatment of children 0-5 is available at our Flemington location only.

Meet The Therapist 

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