Rahway Special Olympics

On May 29th, ProCare Rehabilitation ~~ Clark sponsored the Rahway elementary school's Special Olympics! The students began the day with a parade led by a color guard of the High Scool ROTC team. Each class represented a nation of their choice with a customized banner and each child wore a headdress or costume from that nation. Everyone paraded around the courtyard of the Rahway Community Center which drew huge cheers and applause from many onlookers. Evelyn, Brianne and Mary Clare volunteered at the event and ran the parachute game for the students. It was difficult to tell who had more fun ~~ the children or the ProCare "big kids"!!! Mary Clare noted, "It really takes me back to my former life as a teacher! It's good to be around these kids - they really inspired us! Each one of them is truly a Champion!" At the end of the event each participant was given a goody bag of donated items including a beach ball from ProCare Rehab.

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