Featured Alumnus-Brianna D.

Brianna's Dad writes, "In August 2012, just as she was about to enter her Freshman year of high school, Brianna suffered a complete tear of her ACL while in gymnastics training. The surgeon advised that she was looking at a recovery time table of 10-12 months, or longer, and she was determined to resume her athletic career by her Sophomore year. Unfortunately, Brianna experienced additional setbacks related to her ACL surgery and this would make to road to recovery even more challenging. That road was made much more passable due to the exceptional treatment and guidance provided by Dr. Mike at ProCare. Dr. Mike developed a road map for Brianna's recovery and carefully explained the stages of rehabilitation and what was to be expected. There were many times throughout the rehabilitation process where it seemed like there was no end in sight but through hard work and tremendous support from ProCare, Brianna was able to return to her athletic career by her Sophomore year."

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